We've Merged with Market Traders Institute

On December 18, 2013, the decision was made to merge two amazing Forex teams. Most operations will continue normally under the name of Market Traders Institute (MTI)-- World Leaders in Forex Education. We thank you for your support as we make this transition.

Joshua Martinez
President of Next Step Financial Holdings
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Why the Merger?

As you know, Next Step Financial Holdings has been working very closely with Market Traders Insitute for years now. We decided to take the best of both worlds to join as one company under one name.
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What's changed about the company and my education?

Besides the name, all of your technical support, account support and customer service support will all be under MTI. Your education and class schedule will not change at all!
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Where do I purchase my favorite MTI products?

You can still purchase any MTI product by contacting your account executive at Market Traders Institute: 866-787-8558 or 800-866-7431.
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